Apple Nissan Financial Products

Your car is an important investment, you definitely want to protect it. A great way to do that is with one of our maintenance contracts, which guarantees that you get free maintenance for your car anywhere in the United States. We also offer other auto finance products that will keep you happy and save you lots of stress. To learn more Call 717 775 6340 or continue scrolling down this page!

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

If your vehicle is damaged beyond repair or stolen and not recovered quickly, auto insurance coverage may not pay everything you owe on the vehicle. Typically, the amount paid is based on the vehicle's actual cash value rather than the amount remaining on your loan or lease, which could be a difference of thousands of dollars. This product gives you protection to cover that difference.

GAP waives the difference between the amount the customer owes the lender and the value of the vehicle as determined by the physical damage carrier or NADA retail value of the vehicle, whichever is greater.

Maintenance Contract

A maintenance contract ensures the carefree use of your vehicle by providing coverage for services recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. You'll receive an ID card to present to the service writer at your selling dealership.

ThreeForOne | Vehicle Protection Services

This program covers repairs to tires wheels, windshield, and paintless dent repair - a revolutionary process that makes dings virtually disappear.

Exterior & Interior Vehicle Protection Program

The exterior protection incorporates cutting edge nanotechnology that penetrates the clear coat to provide long-term protection. The interior protection product used a water-based sealant that is a highly effective deterrent against stains caused by food, drinks, permanent inks and pets.  An anti-microbial agent fights against bacterial odors caused by mold and mildew.