Take Care of Your Nissan During This Spring Season


Winter is gone and the spring is here. It is a respite from the cold Pennsylvanian weather. Your Nissan has seen several ups and downs in this time and has emerged victorious. Now that it’s gone, you might be eager to enjoy the summer. No matter how strong it is, routine maintenance will only make it better. The harsh weather takes a toll on the car health.

This spring give time to your Nissan. Prepare your Nissan for a bright summer driving this spring. We have a few tips that will come in handy for your spring car care.


Tires are the most vulnerable part of any Nissan car or any car for that matter. The tire condition in winters differs from the summer condition a lot. There is generally a lot of pressure on the tires during summer than winter. To stabilize things, make sure you change the winter tires and keep the summer tires on. Generally, the tires made for the colder times are softer in nature. They won’t withstand the dry and hot roads. Summer tires, on the other hand, have specially designed tread patterns and rubber that suits the hotter temperature. Save your winter tires for the next winter and put on the summer ones as soon as possible.

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Cooling System:

Once the tires are set, you can focus on the cooling system. The hot summers mean the car cooling system needs to be top-notch. Coolant protects your engine from freezing in the cold winter. Even if it is low, you won’t find overheating to be an issue in the winters. However, summer can be challenging. Come spring, make sure your coolant hits all the right levels. In addition to that, check for leaks in the system as well. A leak during the winter can cost you a lot during the summers. Old coolants also have the tendency to lose their cooling and frost protection properties. While you are already at the coolant matters, have a look at the hoses and belts. A broken belt or hose can make your summer trip halt any time.

Clean Your Nissan:

Spring is all about cleaning and your Nissan shouldn’t be left behind. As it is, winters make cleaning tough. Hence, spring gives you the perfect opportunity to clean your car and keep it shining for the summers. Give your car a thorough wash and you are all set for making that trip to the beach. Here are some car cleaning tips that will help you:

Wash: Wash your car properly. This is obvious, but important. A good wash can make all the difference. While you are at it, you may also choose to apply wax on your car. The shine will stay for the longest time and make your car look like a brand new one.

Clean the crevices: Vents and crevices in a car which are inconvenient to reach and often left untouched. Though it is tough, the air vents and other crevices should be cleaned up for dirt and dust well. Compressed air can certainly come in handy while cleaning these parts.

Remove stickers: It is understandable that you really like your stickers, but winter means accumulated dust around the stickers. It is better to remove the stickers, clean it well, and then put up another sticker. This way your car looks new and you have the chance to explore more with stickers.

These are some cleaning tips you can use to keep your Nissan in top form. Check your car interiors thoroughly and use that vacuum cleaner really well. A little cleaning goes a long way with the tough Nissan cars.

Bottom Line:

While you are preparing your car to face the hot summer, have a look at the tire alignment as well. Winter and spring have the highest impact on potholes. Having your alignment checked is a great way to stay safe from the potholes.

In conclusion, spring is the season when you can do a lot. The winter is gone and the summer is at the door. With every changing season, the needs of the car also change. The best way to keep your Nissan ready for all situations, it is better to take proper care. Spring car care is essential and shouldn’t be overlooked.

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